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De Profundis (2009)

Printed on Epson Somerset Velvet Paper
Limited Editions

This limited edition series of medium format Epson prints has been created from consecutive frames of Brose's 16mm experimental film De Profundis. The film explores the transgressive aesthetics of Oscar Wilde and contemporary queer culture. Brose developed and employed an innovative series of photochemical processes in the creation of the film, working literally on each frame. These works are a result of that working method translating these unique images to a printed medium. This new series restores the relationship of the film’s original photographic process with more detail and clarity. The series mirrors the film's process of contamination and transgression both in the chemical process originally employed and through the close proximity of the installation - mimicking the effect of the "splice." The original images are from 1920's home movies, early gay erotica, Radical Faerie Gatherings, queer pagan rituals, and enacted scenes. The photographic alchemy functions to wrestle the images from their original moorings, the worlds in which they have circulated to re/present them and investigate other possible readings.  The detail and complexity of each frame is revealed in this presentation allowing the viewer to study the images and contemplate what is masked by the cinematic experience.

This series was created during his residency at the Institute for Electronic Art at Alfred University. The Artist-in-Residence program at the IEA is supported by New York State Council on the Arts and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Pricing upon inquiry.

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