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In Carcere et Vinculis (2015)

Printed on Hahnemuehle Museum Etching Paper
Limited Editions

What use is the open door to the bird so long caged?
— Oscar Wilde

“This new series of digital prints from the prison letter section of De Profundis was created in March 2015 during an artist residency at the Institute for Electronic Art at Alfred University. I knew that I needed to address the nightmare of the past six years in my legal fight with the Federal Government and the Department of Homeland Security over my artwork and the false accusations against me.  I was terrified and didn’t exactly know how to proceed. I, fortunately, had the foresight to bring all of the De Profundis film materials with me to Alfred University and I realized that I had already created the images relating to Oscar Wilde’s letter from prison which echoed my recent past. So I carved out images from that section of the film that spoke to the psychic violence that I had experienced. Only after my return from making those images that a friend reminded me that the original title that Oscar Wilde gave to his letter from prison was, Epistola: In Carcere et Vinculis (Latin: “in prison and in chains”)”
— Lawrence Brose

This series was created during his residency at the Institute for Electronic Art at Alfred University.  The Artist-in-Residence program at the IEA is supported by New York State Council on the Arts and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Pricing upon inquiry.

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