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FILMS for MUSIC for FILM (1990)

Six short films by Lawrence Brose

Premiered at The North American New Music Festival, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY

Films for Music for Film represents a reconsideration of the interactive dynamic between sound and image in film. Usually, sound elements are incorporated after the film’s completion. Here, however, the score and spoken text function as the actual film script, directing the film’s form and content. This engagement is twofold: I initially derive images through my responses to the music and text, then return to the score for the film’s structure. These films are not merely descriptive visions of score and text but synergistic fusions of sound, words, and images.

Each film in this series was created for a musical score, either pre-existing or composed specifically for this project. Films for Music for Film provided Brose with a catalyst for future endeavors in collaboration with contemporary composers. Beginning with Hyacinth Fire, 1989 and continuing with Imusicircus,1990  and De Profundis,1997.

Films for Music for Film premiered on April 3, 1990, at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, where all the scores were performed live with the films. This event was part of the North American New Music Festival. The films in this series have been screened at music festivals, film festivals, and independent cinemas worldwide.

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